2" Swimming Minnow

The best swimming tail on the market in a crappie minnow bait. 15, 50 and 100-count bags.

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Available Colors:

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2SM32 Firecracker 2SM162 Smoke Blue
2SM33 Chartreuse Silver 2SM164 Lemon Chicken (LAM)
2SM63 Pearl Chartreuse 2SM165 Smokin Joe Bleeding Blue Shad
2SM65 Pearl White 2SM166 Grape Silver
2SM89 Smoke 2SM168 Bumble Bee (LAM)
2SM92 Smoke Silver 2SM181 Bluegrass (LAM)
2SM142 Blue Thunder (LAM) 2SM195 Cajun Cricket (LAM)
2SM148 Crystal (LAM) 2SM203 Monkey Milk
2SM150 Licorice Chartreuse Pearl (LAM) 2SM204 Vegas (LAM)
2SM154 Emerald Shad (LAM) 2SM219 Electric Chicken (LAM)
2SM159 Purple Mist (LAM) 2SM280 Shimmer Shad
2SM160 Hot Tomato (LAM) 2SM325 NEW Penny Back (LAM)
2SM161 Passionate Purple 2SM327 NEW Eclipse (LAM)
2SM336 Blue Ice (LAM)

Available Mo' Glo Colors:

MG2SM129 Pink Phantom (LAM) MG2SM247 Sunrise (LAM)
MG2SM187 Outlaw Special (LAM) MG2SM284 Screamer (LAM)

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